WALL: The White Review by Rye Holmboe

Published in the June online edition of The White Review Rye Holmboe offers an illuminating essay on sculptor Luke Hart and his installation piece, WALL. Recently on show at William Benington Gallery in London, WALL is a lattice of steel held together by sinewy rubber joints; Holmboe takes on the functionality of art and of WALL’s desire for a material realism over representation: the desire to be what it is, and nothing else.

The White Review: Semi-Floating Sculpture

The White Review, in their online issue for September 2014, have published this piece by Patrick Langley on the recent completion of Semi-Floating Structure and the filming of Proving Ground.

Patrick Langley situates American sculptor Luke Hart against the backdrop of London Docklands and the land art tradition.

Read Semi-Floating Sculpture by Patrick Langley

The White Review


The Times: The Design Instinct

The Times, together with Seat, recently published a small interview and video of the workshop.

London-born Luke Hart, 28, studied sculpture at the Pratt Institute in New York before attending the Royal College of Art in London for his master’s degree. He has exhibited widely across Europe and America. He lives in London.

Luke Hart – The Times