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Time To Hit The Road: Leila Heller Gallery with Gerson Zevi

Gerson Zevi are organising an exhibition of work made by participants in the Land Art Road Trip, which they have put on for the past two years, and which I was invited on in 2013. The exhibition will feature a number of my drawings from the development of Semi-Floating Structure and an excerpt from Proving Ground, a project which was first conceived on the trip.

The exhibition takes place at Leila Heller Gallery, 568 w25th Street, New York City, and runs from the 18th of December through the 10th of January. There will be an opening reception at the gallery on the 18th from 6-9pm.

In addition we will be holding a full screening of Proving Ground at the gallery on the afternoon of the 20th of December. More information to follow.

Leila Heller Gallery

Gerson Zevi