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Decisive Action: National Center for Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Decisive Action brings four Russian and four British artists together presenting new, exciting commissions in the public park outside the Ural Branch of NCCA.

The park is an unusual venue: by presenting the works on the lawn typical barriers between the citizens of Ekaterinburg and contemporary contemporary art are breaking down.

The commission draw on the local industrial heritage and address everyday concerns and activities such as food, public space or communication space.

The commission take on varied forms from traditional sculpture to food performances and a conceptual type safari.

Decisive Action will shed light on the important role the public park plays in everyday of Ekaterinburg. It is meant to draw its citizens out of their apartments, offices, bars and malls and congregate amidst the commissions and in public. A series of events – musical, theatrical, poetical – will frame the exhibition and offer further activities for all ages and interests.


Decisive Action